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  • Find healthier ways to cope with winter boredom

    Find healthier ways to cope with winter boredom

     Winter is here and with it comes the time when you feel lazy and hungry all the time! When the temperature drops, it takes more motivation than before to go for a brisk walk outside or even work out indoors. They avoid outdoor activities, sweat less, and eat more; three basic principles to remember in […]

  • Transform Your Life With This Easy Habit Change

      Introduction You know that one thing you’ve been meaning to do for years? The thing that’s always on your list, but never seems to make it to the top? That habit change you’ve been wanting to make for your health, your happiness, or your career? Making this one change can be the difference between […]

  • Want to Live a Long Life? Start With These 10 Healthy Habits

      Introduction Start with these 10 healthy habits and you’ll be well on your way to a long and happy life. There’s no one secret to a long and healthy life, but there are definitely some habits that can help increase your chances of living a longer and happier life. From getting regular exercise to […]

  • Why We Need To Sleep And Exercise For Good Memory

    Still and all during your early 40s When you start having problems with your memorization capacity, there’s clearly existent  wrong with your culture in general, If. Anything that obstructs the mind to work well to its full implicit causes memory issues connate as difficulty with attention, picking up important pivotal points from an important source or sustaining the minutest competency to understand and rivet  on certain personal effects  and ideas. If, during bedtime, sleeping is your main problem, you can try ways that can contribute to how you can have a goodnight sleep. It’s not only through […]

  • Losing weight fast

     If you’re trying to lose weight or start on a weight loss journey, you might be tempted to starve yourself as you see other popular people on television or in magazines doing the same thing. Seeing someone like that slimmer, a more puckered face, looking completely unrecognizable to the one you saw a few months […]


     12 EASY DIET TIPS In this “12 EASY DIET TIPS TO CUT 1000s OF CALORIES” I will take you through 12 effective and easy-to-do diet and nutrition tips that you can use to easily cut down 1000’s of calories.  12 Tips  are :  1) DO NOT DRINK YOUR CALORIES   2) USE SMALLER PLATES   3) EAT […]