13 Carpet Cleaning Secrets From the Pros

Leave Carpet Cleaning to the professionals and you’ll get beautifully refreshed floors without breaking a sweat. But before hiring a service, arm yourself with insider tips to ensure a top-notch experience. Check out these 13 secrets the cleaning pros at Vip Carpet Cleaning London use for fresher, cleaner carpets:

Secret #1 – Vacuum First

Thorough vacuuming before deep cleaning makes their job much easier for faster, better results. Focus extra attention on high traffic lanes and entryways prone to the most embedded dirt. Give congested areas like under furniture a few extra slow, strong passes.

Secret #2 – Pretest Chemicals

Reputable technicians always perform inconspicuous pretests before mixing full solutions. Testing strips confirm safety for specific custom fiber blends, textures, and dye lots. Many newer carpets utilize stain resistant shielding needing special care not to strip away during cleaning.

Secret #3 – Insist on Truck Mounted Equipment

While convenient for small spot cleanups, rented portable carpet extractors cannot match the deep cleaning power from the onboard heated wands large van systems provide. More powerful suction lifts 50% more moisture for quicker drying plus massive boilers mean never running out of hot rinse water.

Secret #4 – Request Additional Rinsing

The most common complaint is sticky post-cleaning residue. Insufficient flushing of cleaning solutions leaves soapy film reattracting soils quickly. Paying a small upcharge for additional rinse-only passes eliminates this issue for the best results.

Secret #5 – Ask About Traffic Lane Treatments

The most worn walkways visually show soil buildup fastest despite whole carpet cleaning. Special expedited treatments pretreat only the heaviest traffic patterns allowing customized attention where needed most while saving time and cost overall.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

Secret #6 – Schedule Seasonally

Technician availability fluctuates based on workload demands. Booking off-peak lets providers offer larger discounts incentivizing flexible scheduling around already discounted periods. Holidays and bad weather create highest emergency demand pricing.

Secret #7 – Inquire About Discount Bundles

Loyalty programs reward repeat customers the more services utilized, with some discounts reaching up to 60% off standard rates after years of accumulated cleanings. Multi-year maintenance plans also make professional care more affordable long term compared to paying full price each visit.

Secret #8 – Vacate During Carpet Cleaning

While carpets dry faster than years past, moisture begins evaporating immediately causing humidity levels to briefly spike in the home. Running dehumidifiers nearby helps mitigate this issue and prevents later mold or allergen concerns when residents vacate temporarily.

Secret #9 – Ask About Premium Protectants

Consider advanced stain-blocking shields to gain lasting fortification from future mishaps. Nano-particle solutions create powerful barriers actively resisting spills and stains from setting permanently into cleaned fibers. Potent formulas last up to five years and survive future professional cleanings.

Secret #10 – Don’t Hesitate to Call the Professionals

While convenient on small areas, rented machines never achieve the dramatically restorative revitalization of expert services. Bringing reputable pros like Vip Carpet Cleaning London extends carpeting lifespan significantly before replacement becomes necessary down the road.

Secret 11 – Leave Furniture Placement to the Experts

Pro carpet cleaners know the best way to move furniture so they can access all areas of your carpets. Let them take charge of clearing space and placing furniture protectors to streamline the process. They may even have techniques for cleaning beneath heavy furniture that is difficult to move.

Secret #12 – Point Out All Problem Areas

Don’t be shy about showing them any extra dirty spots, high traffic lanes, pet accidents, and spill stains. Reputable technicians carry a wide range of professional-grade spot removers and treatments to target specific stubborn issues. The more they know upfront, the better the end results.

Secret #13 – Ask About Post-Cleaning Caretaking

Professional carpet cleaning services don’t stop when the techs leave your home. Be sure to ask for instructions on proper maintenance and drying times before walking on damp carpets or moving furniture back. Follow their expert advice to ensure freshly cleaned carpets stay looking their best long after the appointment ends.

Don’t Settle for Just Surface Cleaning – Call our London based Carpet Cleaners Today Vip Carpet Cleaning London offers highly effective, yet affordable carpet cleaning services utilizing professional equipment and solutions tailored specifically to your home’s customized needs. 

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