Find healthier ways to cope with winter boredom

 Winter is here and with it comes the time when you feel lazy and hungry all the time! When the temperature drops, it takes more motivation than before to go for a brisk walk outside or even work out indoors. They avoid outdoor activities, sweat less, and eat more; three basic principles to remember in any healthy weight loss program. To be honest, it was hard to lose weight these few months. Our water intake also decreases in winter, leading to dehydration and overall lethargy. When you add all of this together, you end up accumulating more calories than you expend on a daily basis. The perfect weight gain recipe! So is there a way to lose weight and even keep it off without breaking a sweat? Well, if you stick to a few simple but important nutritional tips, not only will it help you reduce your lumps, but it will also help you feel more energized.

It can be hard to stay slim and in shape in winter. Lack of sun and cold weather will only make you less motivated to exercise. Instead, it was replaced by the urge to snuggle up and enjoy comfort food. However, if you want to stay lean and fit in winter, there are countless ways to do it. Fitness Nation helps our members 24/7, group classes, personal training and more.

Winter is all about comfort and indulgence, which can often make staying in shape difficult. While most of us lose weight by choosing less practical diets or quick weight loss supplements, experts always promise a more sustainable diet, here is one recommended by renowned nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar that can help you Achieving your weight loss goals doesn’t require adjusting or compromising your taste preferences. Here’s her secret winter nutrition sheet! continue reading…

Prepare for winter by eating healthy

Include more protein in your winter diet as it boosts metabolism, keeps us full for longer and also regulates blood sugar levels. Good body fats are also important for the body to absorb ideal amounts of nutrients. Think eggs, salmon, spinach and walnuts.

Did you know you can stay healthy in winter by changing your diet? Yes, this is correct! Food can be very effective in keeping winter-related diseases from getting in our way. Here are some diet tips to keep winter sickness at bay. 

Tip 1: Increase Your Daily Vitamin C Intake

It’s one of the best foods to help you get through winter comfortably. However, you should avoid large amounts of salt, beef broth, and cream to get the most out of this meal. You deserve water based recipes with lots of vegetables. A warm soup of chicken stock and some vegetables will revive you. You can serve soup with graham crackers.

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