More medical benefits of marriage emerged


A study conducted in the European country of Norway revealed more medical benefits of getting married in middle and older age.

Earlier, several studies on marriage and celibacy have come out, in which many benefits of marriage have been mentioned.

Now research in Norway has shown that married people are protected from mental illness or problems in old age.

According to a study published in the medical journal ‘National Library of Medicine’ (NIH), people who get married in middle or older age have a significantly lower risk of developing brain problems, including dementia, in old age.

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Dementia is a disease for which no cure has been discovered yet, however, dementia can be controlled through various medications and diets.

However, there are drugs for mental disorders, but most of them do not prove to be beneficial.

In this regard, several researches have come out in the past, memory loss and mental inactivity are closely related to old age, that is, these diseases automatically take hold of a person with increasing age.

However, there are many ways to prevent them, one of which is marriage.

During the research conducted in Norway, experts surveyed more than 8,700 men and women aged 44 to 65.

During the survey, experts also checked the volunteers’ age of marriage, their children and their daily life and eating habits.

Later, these individuals were evaluated for dementia and other mental problems, including brain function.

The volunteers included people who were unmarried or divorced, and some had estranged spouses.

During the study, people who did not have a spouse were more likely to have dementia or dementia.

Experts have found that people who have intact marriages have slightly better mental health and are more mentally active.

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However, experts said that it is not absolutely true that marriage provides protection against dementia in old age, but the results showed that the chances of suffering from the said disease in married people are up to 8 percent.

According to experts, it is not clear how married people stay mentally active, including immunity from dementia, but it seems that married people have children and families, which relieve them of loneliness and They are also socially active and possibly mentally active for the same reason.

According to experts, married people also support each other as a couple, which improves their mental and mental health and apparently they are physically fit as well.

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