How are bleaching creams actually damaging women’s skin? Experts warned

 Color whitening creams are one of the most used beauty products, but now experts have told such a scary thing about them that women will be scared to hear. According to the Chinese newspaper South China Morning Post, experts say that there is ‘mercury’ in whitening creams, which can destroy the kidneys, brain and nervous system. Two women in Hong Kong reported the damage of these creams have done.

Last month, Hong Kong’s Center for Health Protection warned people against two types of whitening creams and advised them not to use them. Two women, aged 39 and 43, have been hospitalized due to these creams, experts at the center said. Their condition has become critical due to exposure to mercury.

Experts say that women who experience certain symptoms after using bleaching creams should immediately consult a doctor as these are signs of medical damage caused by the mercury in the creams. There are These symptoms include tremors, irritability, sleeplessness, memory loss, loss of ability to concentrate on work, hearing and vision loss, and a change in the taste of the mouth. In severe cases, the kidneys can also fail and the brain and nervous system can also be affected.

Experts said that the two women who have been brought to the hospital in Hong Kong have developed a disorder called ‘Proteinuria’. It is a disease in which protein is excreted in urine in large quantities. Sometimes it is also a sign of kidney failure. These two women use ‘Goree Day and Night Beauty Cream Oil Free’ and ‘Goree Beauty Cream with Lacto Pain, Avocado and Aloe Vera’ (Goree). Beauty Cream with Lyctopene, Avocado & Aloevera).

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