How to express love without resorting to words


Love is a special gift of nature. It makes life and our relationships more enjoyable.

Therefore, it is important to protect such love and keep it fresh by expressing it in joyful ways.

There are many ways to express love and all of them have the same goal to keep this beautiful feeling alive.

The Arabic magazine “Sedti” has met Dr. Fawad Khalil, an expert in human relations in this regard, and tried to find out from him how to express love to a person.

Dr. Fawad Khalil says that ‘Many times it happens that a man does not have words to express everything that is in his heart.’

So there are some ways to convince the other person how much you love them.

Listen carefully

Dr. Fawad Khalil says that the first thing is to listen to your loved one with full attention and care. If there is something that is making him angry, immediately help him with some kind words and reduce his anger.

Many times it happens that a man does not have words to express everything that is in his heart (Photo: Pixels)

By doing this, a good dialogue will start between the two persons and misunderstandings will also be removed.

Stand by in difficult times

No matter how busy life gets, it is impossible to leave your loved one alone if you have a special attachment to them. Where happy moments are spent with your loved ones, you have to stand by them even in difficult times. It is a practical expression of love.

Set aside time

Constant engagement is the cornerstone of all relationships. That is why it is important to keep meeting every now and then, whether this meeting is in the form of shopping or just sitting together for a cup of coffee. Because the real goal is to know what is important to him and what he likes.

If you take time out of your busy schedule to sit with your loved one, they will know how special they are to you.

Provide moral support

One of the most important things in a relationship is to encourage your partner (Photo: Pixels)

One of the most important things in a relationship is to encourage your partner. Talk about the positive aspects of her personality and make her realize what qualities are important to you. You should walk step by step with your loved one so that he/she moves forward courageously in the journey of life.

In this way, not only self-confidence will be created in the beloved, but your relationship will also be able to cope with good feelings.

Forgive the mistakes

No one is free from mistakes. Try as much as possible to ignore the faults of the one you love. It requires a spirit of sacrifice.

In all kinds of relationships, there are ups and downs. Therefore, at such times, instead of anger, positive things should be mentioned.

Use good words

Sometimes you have to use sweet words for your beloved. Appreciate through your beautiful sentences. This will double the beauty of the relationship between you. If you want to thank him, choose wonderful words. For example, you can say ‘I’m proud of you’, ‘This is all in my life because of you’, etc.

Exchange of gifts

One of the best ways to express love between people is through the exchange of gifts. A gift does not only have its material value but also has a special place. Try to keep your loved one’s preferences in mind and gift them something that they really need.

remember! Exchanging small gifts adds to the enjoyment of a romantic relationship.

Health care

Caring for each other is the food of love. Being concerned about your beloved’s health and giving him good advice leads to an increase in love. If you see any habit in him that is harmful to health, explain it with love. Encourage him to exercise etc.

If he ever gets sick, cheer him up. These small expressions of love matter a lot.

Respect your loved ones

It is very important to appreciate and respect the person you want. Don’t underestimate any of his efforts. Praise him in front of him too and appreciate everything he has done for you.

Giving each other pure time is very important to keep your relationship happy and strong.

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