What is cold makeup and how is it done?

It’s no surprise that makeup styles have changed over time. For some time after the siren make-up, eyeliner trends have been very popular, but in the last few days, a new make-up has emerged on social media, the name of which is something that makes you feel chills when you hear it.

Similarly, in June, ‘Sunburn Blush’ makeup was also very popular.

Currently, social media, especially Tik Tok and Instagram, are seeing the phenomenon of cold make-up on a large scale, along with the trend of ‘I’m cold’.

The reason for this trend is the cold weather spread in most parts of the world and accordingly this trend is becoming popular.

Siddithi magazine has given important information regarding cold makeup and the ways to achieve this look.

What is cool makeup?

This is a type of makeup in which the face is decorated in such a way that it looks like you are in a very cold place. He has pink cheeks and a reddish nose while wearing a warm hat. It makes the viewer think that you are in a snowy place or have just come from there.

This makeup makes you look like you are in a very cold place

Blush winter look

The same makeup is also called the blush winter look and the reason for this is the redness of the cheeks, while it is known that blush in English is a blush in which the cheeks turn red.

Since blush is also considered as a romantic concept, cold makeup is becoming very popular among young boys and girls and they are sharing their pictures on social media with the same look.

How to do cold makeup

As the above line makes clear, it has to make you look like you’re in a very cold place.

A slight blush on the cheeks and nose is the highlight of this makeup

Various makeup products can be used to create such an impression on the face.

It is important to start with a light foundation. After that, apply powder on the face in such a way that it looks a little blurred. After that, apply a light blush item on the raised part of the cheeks, which should not be too deep, but the same blush will be applied relatively more on the top and sides of the nose. If a sponge is used for this, dew will also appear on the face.

A few more important things

This makeup is not only limited to the face but the hat and clothes also play an important role in it, so wear a warm coat and a colorful woolen hat as well. By the way, for this, the picture can be taken indoors, but if it is an outdoor scene, it creates more charm. Similarly, a picture of a place where snow is visible can be placed in the background. In the age of the internet and apps, getting such a background is not too difficult.

For this, normal makeup is used

Something to remember

Something to remember about the blush look is that one such makeup style is the sunburn blush, which looks a bit like a sunbath because it would have turned brown on even fairer skin. and the wheat color appears as a relatively dark color.

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