Why are vegetables, dry fruits more beneficial for men than women?


Vegetables, fruits, pulses and dried fruits reduce the risk of colon cancer, experts – Photo: Pexels

A long-term study spanning two decades has revealed that vegetables, fruits and nuts are more beneficial for men than for women.

Men who eat more dry fruits, vegetables and pulses are less likely to develop colon cancer.

Interestingly, bowel cancer affects men more than women and it is generally believed that men’s dietary habits predispose them to the disease.

In order to find out the same thing, American experts conducted research on about 80,000 men and more than 93,000 women for two decades.

According to research published in the medical journal ‘BMC Medicine’, a long study conducted by American experts found that men who frequently consume vegetables, fruits, pulses and dried fruits have intestinal problems. Chances of cancer are reduced by 22%.

During the study, the experts gave all the volunteers a list of 180 ingredients and asked them which foods they ate and which drinks they drank on a daily basis.

Dry fruits beneficial or harmful for health?

Similarly, the experts gave the above list to the women and asked them the same question.

The list included 180 foods and beverages including fish, poultry, meat, mutton, vegetables, fruits, eggs, dry fruits, tea, coffee and wine.

The experts also examined all the volunteers at different times and after two decades all the volunteers were again tested including asking questions about their dietary habits.

The results showed that 4,974 out of 80,000 men were diagnosed with colon cancer.

Experts noted that colon cancer was diagnosed in people who consumed foods other than fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, pulses and tea and coffee.

Experts divided all foods into different categories and placed pulses and vegetables as natural foods while eggs, chicken, meat and fish were classified as healthy foods.

According to scientists, although healthy foods are also good for health, they do not help reduce the risk of colon cancer.

According to experts, by eating vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and pulses containing more fiber and antioxidants, the chances of developing bowel cancer in men increase by 22%.

Experts also clarified that fruits, vegetables, pulses and dried fruits do not play any role in increasing or decreasing the chances of colon cancer in women.

However, the experts did not make it clear that men should eat daily or weekly amount of vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and pulses.

Apart from this, the experts also emphasized on further research on the said matter.

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