Effective botox treatment for TMJ pain and bruxism

Problems like pain in the jaw and bruxism are usually more devastating than what you may imagine. botox treatment proves to be effective as well as safe for these problems. botox  treatment is often combined with masseter injections which are completely guided by ultrasound technology and this combination proves effective to deal with severe issues like TMJ dysfunction and over clenching and grinding of the teeth. But before getting on to more about treating these issues with botox injections let us have some clear cut ideas about these problems first.

The problem of bruxism

Bruxism is is quite a common condition and a large number of people suffer from it. The condition is caused, according to some of the top notch dentists in the UK, by over clenching of the jaw. Chronic bruxism is even more dangerous as it often leads to severe damage to both the teeth and the jaw or TMJ. The condition must be treated effectively to avoid any long term consequence.

If it is left ignored and untreated the condition becomes more and more complex and may prove almost impossible to cure and reverse. In easier words bruxism is also called grinding of the teeth. Grinding of the teeth usually occurs at night when one is well asleep although it may occur during the day as well. It is usually a response to stress or anxiety and this level is usually quite high to manage on one’s own capabilities.

The problem is often compounded with side effects like pain in the jaw, severe, clicking and headache to make the condition worse. Medical science has improved sufficiently to provide effective solution to this dental or TMJ issues.

Factors responsible for bruxism

In the opinion of a leading dentist having years of experience in handling cases of TMJ botox in London several factors are found to be responsible for bruxism including the following –

  • Grinding of the teeth
  • Mental stress and anxiety
  • Over clenching
  • Sleep disorder and
  • Malocclusion of the teeth or teeth misalignment

The problem of TMJ and jaw pain

TMJ is the abbreviated form of temporo mandibular joint; it is precisely the joint in the jaw where the skull gets attached to the jawbone. The jawbone is called mandible in medical terms and that is how the problem gets its name temporomandibular joint disorder. The mandibular joint itself is quite complex and often proves problematic for a large number of people. There can be several reasons behind this condition including an injury to the jaw and bruxism. As such in many cases it is also found that arthritis is responsible for development of this painful condition.

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ is a significant joint in the human body; it has a disc at the centre to facilitate its gliding movement as well as compression capability. In course of time the disc may wear off or get damaged as a result of an injury. Damaged disc leads to pain, popping, clicking and even arthritis. The condition of TMJ is common in the UK; a large number of people from varying age groups suffer from it. The Bayswater Dental Clinic is a reputed destination in London to get the problem of TMJ disorder effectively treated.

The practice has a stunning track record is successfully handling this range of cases over the years. Quality treatment at affordable cost is what the dental establishment practices. These days, several non surgical botox treatments have evolved including regenerative medicine, which prove effective in reversing the TMJ condition. At the Bayswater Dental Clinic the primary focus for every TMJ case is to help a patient lead a complete normal and fully functional life free from pain in the mandibular region so that one can enjoy all the activities that one loves doing.

It is important to mention that even the cases of infection and inflammatory arthritis can be even more tormenting than the pain resulting from TMJ disorder. The condition is even worsened by conditions like suppression of immunity, diabetes or any other chronic condition, post dental surgery and others points out a dentist who provides botox for bruxism in London over the years. These patients are often diagnosed with additional accompanying symptoms like severe pain, fatigue and fever. Presence of infection is tested through a blood test and joint aspiration.

Botox treatment with botox to settle pain and bruxism     

The botox treatment is found to be safe and effective for both bruxism and TMJ pain. The procedure of treatment is also quite simple; it involves a non invasive injection. The masseter muscle is the principle muscle to facilitate biting and the botox injection relaxes the activity of the masseter muscle. As a result the symptoms including the severe pain get reversed and the patient gets relief.

Botox jaw injection offers several benefits including the following –

  • Getting rid of pain in the jaw
  • Getting rid of grinding and clenching the teeth
  • Improved TMJ health
  • Improved eating
  • Improved condition of the teeth
  • Uncompromised natural structure of the teeth enamel
  • Relief from tension-related headaches

An expert dentist who provides botox for TMJ in London over the years says that these days treatment is not only popular for jaw pain and increasing the size of the Massteter muscle (which is also called hypertrophy) but also for slimming the jaw as well. Masseter muscle hypertrophy often.

Leads to widening of the jaw and botox is a simple but effective procedure for slimming the jaw. However in severe cases surgical intervention is the best option although such cases are few in numbers. Usually the primary approach that is pressed into service involves conservative treatment but that fails, suppose a patient does not respond to it or the problem becomes more complicated, then TMJ joint injection therapy is invoked.

Again in many cases MRI scanning is performed to get diagnostic clarity of what is the actual cause of the problem behind. Even blood tests are also required in many such cases; when a jaw pain is suspected to be the result of any inflammation then blood tests like CRP, ESR and TNFa are recommended.

As per the NHS website the cost of botox in the UK for bruxism ranges between £100 and £350 although the exact cost depends on the practice you go to and the area of your botox treatment. As far as each side of the temporal muscle is concerned the dosages for the masseter muscle is usually 25 to 30 BU and 15 to 20 BU. You can also visit London’s most reliable dental practice – the Bayswater Dental Clinic for best service and care.

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