Food Connects People

Every beauty in this world deserves being participated
a smile, a dream, a memory.
When participated, a beauty becomes magical. It spends in our eyes, it moves around our lips, it circulates in our blood like oxygen.

Food Food connects us to the history, to our recollections, to our family, perhaps to a grand grand mama noway we met, to the musketeers, occasionally to unknown people. It connects us to the mysterious lands noway visited. It connects us to our stomach, to our body, to our living energy, to our senses. It enables us to witness and partake knockouts of this life! And when you cook, do you know what happens? You come the creator of the beauty! You can make it spend indeed more like a rising sun. A large, warm sun which sparkles on everyone.
A smell, a taste, a grandmother’s form, a trial, a curiosity, an imagination
every beauty in the kitchen deserves being participated.

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