Difference between sheep and goat meat?

Goat meat
Goat meat


Goat meat is warm in nature and is the best nourishing food in winter. People in the north eat mostly “sheep”, while people in the south like to eat “goat” with the skin on. People in the northwest eat sheep in spring and autumn, and goats in winter, because sheep The meat is delicate and thick, and tastes delicious.Goat meat, leaner and a bit chewier than mutton, offers a distinct taste and meat quality. What distinguishes “sheep meat” from “goat meat”?

Below are the answers for you.

Explore the unique qualities of sheep and goat meat in this detailed guide. Learn about their flavor, nutritional aspects, and culinary contrasts.

1. Variety differences.

Sheep are docile and well-behaved, with delicate meat and a stronger odor, while goat meat is naughty and aggressive, and likes to look for food on steep cliffs. The meat is firm, fatter and leaner, and the odor is slightly lighter than that of sheep. In nature, There are also differences.

2. Appearance difference.

Sheep are fat and big, while goats are thin and smart. Sheep are mostly white, while goats are black, brown, and white. Sheep have short horns, while goats have long and pointed horns.

3. Odor difference.

Sheep meat is fat and lean, and has a heavier smell, because most of the fishy smell in sheep meat comes from the fat, so the more fat the meat has, the heavier the smell will be, while goat meat is leaner and less fat, so the smell is more fishy and smelly. The taste is relatively light.

4. Taste difference.

Sheep meat offers a fresh, gentle flavor with a blend of fat and lean, accompanied by a subtle, clean scent. On the other hand, goat meat brings forth its own distinct characteristics.. It tastes firm, sinewy, chewy, and goat meat has a strong smell. The taste is lighter than that of sheep meat.

5. Differences in cooking.

Sheep meat needs a variety of spices to remove the fishy smell, so as to achieve the purpose of deliciousness, while goat meat only needs salt, Sichuan pepper, and pepper to make the meat delicious.

How to make delicious dishes from sheep and goat meat


1. Hand-caught mutton

Hand-caught mutton is a close-up of Northwest cuisine, mostly based on sheep meat. Goat meat can also be used to make delicious hand-caught mutton, but the method is different. To make sheep meat, you need salt, fennel, and grass fruits. , baiji, nutmeg, Sichuan peppercorns and pepper are the main seasonings, and are served with scallions, garlic and dried red peppers. The goat meat is made with salt, Sichuan peppercorns, pepper, and scallions and garlic.

2. Braised mutton

This dish is generally rare in the north and is commonly eaten in the south. Southerners like to eat mutton with skin and generally do not cook it. Braised mutton and braised mutton are the main ones. Southerners have a light taste and generally do not add spices when eating mutton. , blanch the mutton, stew and stir-fry with oyster sauce, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, and sugar, and it’s delicious.

Why do northerners eat mutton and peel it?


Southerners eat it with the skin on?

1. According to “Diaoji Li Tan”, when people from the Central Plains asked people from the south of the Yangtze River why they didn’t skinned mutton, they replied: “The real estate is Luo Wan’s, which is a wise saying.” Therefore, in the Five Dynasties, the southern people ate mutton with skin on. In some cases, the sheepskin from the southern regions might not be suitable for leather clothing. It’s often preferred to shear it for making felt and other purposes skin to make dishes, which tastes very sweet and crispy.

2. Northerners mostly cook mutton. Furthermore, northern sheepskin is thick, suitable for making clothes, and not easy to rot, so northerners eat skinned mutton.


In fact, the biggest difference between sheep meat and goat meat is that the former is fat and lean and has a heavier smell, while the latter is leaner and less fat and has a lighter smell. However, people in the northwest mostly choose to eat goat meat in winter when the weather is cold, because in the autumn The fattest goat meat is the most delicious when eaten in winter.

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