Hazelnuts Good For Health-Reveling in their Healing Power

Hazelnuts Good For Health-Reveling in their Healing Power

Hazelnuts Good For Health
Hazelnuts Good For Health

Hazelnuts Good For Health

Beyond delivering delicious flavor punch bringing depth to sweet and savory dishes alike, the humble hazelnut overflows with science-backed health benefits explaining why cultures around the world have prized this heart-shaped nut for millennia. Protecting our bodies from chronic diseases while optimizing vitality takes just a daily handful!

Defining the Hazelnut

Hazelnuts, also referred to as filberts or cobnuts, comprise the edible seeds produced by hazel trees (Corylus avellana), a deciduous shrub native to parts of Europe and Western Asia with large heart-shaped green leaves jagged around the edges reminiscent of oak leaves.

While wild hazel trees grow freely across southern Europe, Turkey currently leads global productionfollowed by Italy, Spain, France and the United States primarily in the Willamette Valley region of Oregon. Peak season runsfall through early winter.

In the kitchen, hazelnuts lend their wholesome crunchand mildly sweet nutty flavor to all types of dishes both sweet and savory. Traditionally they get incorporated raw intoconfections, pastries, savory salads and crusty breads, though toasting heightens their nuttiness beautifully with subtle hints of caramel.

Now that we know a bit about their background, let’s uncover why exactly hazelnuts deserve the superfood status afforded them in recent decades  and why Hazelnuts Good For Health…

Nutrient Profile

Weighing in at 180 calories per ounce, hazelnuts unsurprisingly provide a potent energy source thanks primarily to their:

  • Protein: 4g/oz
  • Healthy fats: 17g/oz ( Mostly MUFAs)
  • Carbohydrates: 5g/oz (Fiber: 3g – mostly insoluble)
  • Vitamin E: 20% DV/oz (Alpha-tocopherol form)
  • Manganese: 95% DV/oz – Antioxidant cofactor
  • Copper: 24% DV/oz – Collagen production + iron absorption
  • Thiamin: 12% DV/oz – Metabolism of carbs/alcohol
  • Magnesium: 12% DV/oz – DNA synthesis + nerve conduction
  • Phosphorous: 12% DV/oz – Bone health + cell repair/growth
  • Iron: 10% DV/oz – Oxygen circulation
  • Zinc: 10% DV/oz – Immune support + cell division

This combination of protein, healthy fats and varied antioxidants and micronutrients contributes to the litany of health benefits attaining adequate hazelnuts good for health, can provide, including…

Heart Health Optimization

Coronary heart diseasecontinues ranking the leading cause of mortality from one country to the next, making smart dietary intervention crucial. Numerous components within hazelnuts specifically target cardiovascular wellness support in complementary ways.

To begin, the phenolic compounds including tannins and flavonoids within hazel provide potent antioxidant activity which counters inflammationand subsequent plaque accumulation in arteries.

The arginine amino acids present also assist nitric oxide production, allowing blood vessels to relaxand enable improved circulation.

Additionally, the high monounsaturated fat content help regulate healthy cholesterol levels by elevating protective HDL while lowering LDL particles. This also balances triglycerides.

Meta-analyses encompassing dozens of clinical trials conclude eating tree nuts like hazelnuts reliably associate with significant improvements in multiple risk factors connected to atherosclerosis development and related cardiovascular issues.

Regulation of Blood Glucose Levels

For those battling diabetesor trying to avoid becoming another statistic through smart dietary measures, hazelnuts provide another ally for maintaining steady blood sugar levels in healthy ranges.

Beyond supplying protein and healthy fats keeping hunger at bay for hours rather than quick-burning carbs, hazelnuts contain specific amino acids like arginine again which help modulate insulin response and sensitivity.

The high manganese levels additionally protect mitochondrialfunctioning which converts calories from carbs and fats into cellular fuel. And vitamin E presence resists oxidation damage of lipids which can trigger insulin resistance when piles of oxidized fatty cell debris accumulate.

By incorporating just a handful of hazelnuts daily, diabetics can improve long term outlook avoiding the development and progression of complications through better glycemic control according to accrued clinical trial data.

Anti-Cancer Properties

In cell cultures, hazelnut extract directly induces apoptosis(programmed cell death) in numerous cancer cell lines including colon, liver, prostate and stomach. Confirming these observations, human trials also connect higher nut consumption with lowered cancer rates.

Proposed mechanisms behind anticarcinogenic properties center around healthy cell signaling mechanisms triggered byhazelnuts’ potent mix of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals which regulate abnormal proliferation driving tumorigenesis. The amino acid arginine also stimulates immune cell response to destroy emerging malignancies.

While human studies remain limited and no panacea exists, integrating just a 1⁄4 cup of hazelnuts or 2 Tbsp hazelnut oil daily provides easy low risk method to help protect vulnerable cell DNA and regulate destructive growth pathwaysbefore they spiral out of control.

Digestive Tract Protection

The insoluble fiber and prebiotic components in hazelnuts help promote “good” intestinal flora strains which assist proper digestion and elimination. Short chain fatty acids also produced by gut microbes feeding on hazel fibers may strengthen gut barrier integrity to prevent leaky gut triggering systemic inflammation underlying chronic disease progression.

Additionally, the magnesium within hazelnuts relaxes smooth intestinal muscle to ease constipation troubles. Anti-inflammatory attributes also soothe irritation for those suffering from frequent diarrhea related to IBS, IBD or simply dietary intolerances. Those consuming gluten, lactose and other notorious gut aggravators might find substantiated relief with daily hazel consumption.

Mood & Cognitive Boosting Properties

Essential fatty acids like Omega 6s along with brain boosting B-vitamins make hazelnuts’ nutritionalresume perfect for supporting nervous system functioning. Antioxidant richness also defends vulnerable brain tissues from oxidative and inflammatory stress which can depress neurotransmitter production otherwise.

These nervous system protecting effects likely contribute to randomized trials indicating regular hazelnut supplementation reliably elevates mood while improving focus and memory in both healthy adultsand in those suffering from cognitive decline.

Easy Incorporation Methods

Beyond popular offerings like chocolate/nut spreads and fruity trail mixes, hazelnuts bring their health promoting crunch to so many dishes like:

  • Salads (Spinach salads w/ hazelnuts is a classic!)
  • Hot breakfast cereals like oatmeal
  • Crusted onto baked fish or chicken dishes
  • Mixed into homemade granola or energy bar recipes
  • Ground into decadent frosting filling between cake layers
  • Whipped into dairy-free coffee creamer concoctions

With so many easy ways to enjoy this healing heart-shaped helper daily, let hazelnuts become your routine go-to accompaniment elevating health and accept hazelnuts good for health and flavor all at once!

In Conclusion

Hazelnuts good for health- The long human affair linking civilizations together throughout history thanks to commerce trading in hazelnut treasures continues today as we unveil more reasons explaining such nuts’ legendary status promoting wellness in populations across the globe.

Modern science now reveals just one or two handfuls daily can lower bad cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, heighten cancer protections, ease digestion, lift mood and optimize cognition – certain proof these mighty morsels provide more than just delicious taste alongside their trademark crunch!

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