Kangaroo jump crazy shoes


Hey everybody its your blogger
livelife forever and from today onwards I’ll be posting a separate section for gadgets
and technology .I will review it thoroughly and share my thoughts with you and
will also give a recommendation for buying it easily.


So lets discover if does this thing
really work.

Today we’re going to be trying one
of the most maddening looking devices that I have

ever come across in my life and they
are kangaroo jumps crazy shoes .

Yes I was just casually browsing
Amazon the other day and this actually came up as a

suggested item for me but they were
just too strange for me to pass up and not test and I thought what better
serious to do it on that does this thing really work and the only thing that I
can compare them to is like if you were a kid in the 90s do you remember moon
shoes they were like these crazy shoes on rubber bands. They were like the
loudest things ever like every time you jump in them on the concrete it sounded
like a sonic boom.

 They are a gigantic contraption they won’t
even hardly fit all in frame so basically what they look like is rollerblades
like inline skates what are they called anymore like when I was first a kid
they were called like roller skates and then like you know that the 90s skating
craze and they were like inline skates and I don’t  even remember all the names that is basically what
they look like and it seems to be kind of what they will snap on like as well
and then they just have this crazy bottom on them and I guess like this is some
kind of Springs these are not rubber bands. It all feels like solid plastic.

The only thing that’s scary about
these is like when you stand up for the first couple of times like feel like
you get a little bit wobbly  standing up
and  is scary and

landing like sitting down is scary
but like kind of just when you’re walking on the street. They say in the
instructions that these bands loosen up over time like the more you jump on
them the springier that they’ll get and the higher that you’ll be able to jump.

They are actually  for kids men and women and they have them in
all different kinds of sizes.

This is one of those health devices where
they want you to

exercise for two hours but in 15

One has to be more accustomed to it
but this is something you have to like build up time to get used to wearing.

if you guys are looking for a bunch
of different varieties you know like sizes or men’s women’s kids whatever you
can go to the link provided at the end.

 The thing I really liked about these is you
could jog but it wouldn’t hurt your  knees as much.

I am kind of realizing this wasn’t
as an interactive like does this thing really is a work item .

If you get the chance you should try
them out if you’re not already and you’d like to be hit that

button down below .


Here you can look  them online  




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