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everyone. Hope everyone is doing fine.

today we are going to look at what is Microsoft 365. You might have heard of it
before, it’s this subscription thing that Microsoft offers but anytime i bought
a computer in the past I’ve already had office so why would i want to pay for
something like that on an ongoing basis and this  we’re going to look at.

is Microsoft 365

do you get with it

are all the benefits.


 At the end 
I’d love to hear your comments down below FOR do you think you’ll become
a follower or it just makes sense to buy Microsoft office one time or maybe
you’ll even use some of the
free alternatives. I’d love to hear what you

 Before we jump in I think it makes sense to
take a moment to look at how we even got here.



the past to buy Office we typically would go to dell or you go to HP and you’d
buy a new Computer and as part of that process of buying a new computer they
would push Microsoft office and you could buy office for maybe some thousand
rupees, depending on the version of office you wanted and then that would come
with your computer and now you had office and you wouldn’t have to think about
it again for a very long time.



consumers with pcs, the refresh cycle tends to be about three to four years before
you buy your next pc so people wouldn’t think about office for probably about
four years and then they’d go through that same process again. Now what’s
really interesting is Microsoft too also matched this same exact buying cycle
so Microsoft would have three year releases and every three years you’d have a
new big release of Microsoft Office so you’d spend the first year planning out
what you wanted to build as part of that next release then you’d spend the next
two years going through and actually building it and then testing it and
getting it ready to ship.



 As an interesting aside at Microsoft usually what
would happen is you join a team and you’d be part of that team for three Years and
then once the big shipment happened you’d go and you’d switch to a new team and
try working on something else and that process continued many many cycles but
when you think about that waiting three years to get a new release out, that’s
a really long time especially in terms of technology. These days you have new
features, new functionality coming out on a monthly Basis some cases even a
weekly basis and at the extreme even on a daily basis.



the industry was shifting and Microsoft had to match this so that’s when they
introduced a service called office 365. The reason it was called office 365 is
it pulled together all of the traditional office apps and when you think of
traditional office apps those are things like word excel and PowerPoint so you
could get a subscription you got access to that software and you would get
frequent and constant updates and fixes over your service term.

 Now over time they’ve had this thing office
365 and Microsoft has continued to add more things into that subscription so
instead of just word excel PowerPoint now you get a lot more than just that you
get forms you get to do you get family safety you get one drive you get all of these
other things which aren’t really considered part of the traditional office or
the office suite and so Microsoft said

“well we should probably update the name to reflect the


when the name office 365 shifted over to Microsoft 365 and that happened back
in April of 2020 just to reflect that larger scope.



 Now you might be wondering why is it called
Microsoft 365 .There are a lot of products included as part of this subscription
but where did the name come from why does it have a 365 at the end. Well
Microsoft views it and many consumers view it as a service you’re getting
constant updates you’re getting storage space you’re getting all of these
benefits on an ongoing basis so the 365. Well that represents how many days are
in the year and you get your service every single day of the year so that’s
what brought together Microsoft and 365. And now you could argue on technicality
that it should be 365.25 because of leap year.



 Let’s jump in and actually see what are the benefits
of Microsoft 365 and what do you get with it.

 First off you can install all of the different
traditional office apps on your computer here for example you can install word,
excel, PowerPoint, outlook publisher and access and not only can you install
them on your pc but you can also install them on your tablet or on your phone
and best of all anytime any software updates come out or maybe new features get
released you get access to all of those.

 Now what are some examples of that in Microsoft
word there’s now a new dark mode that changes the canvas to dark, helping your
eyes relax a little bit more in Microsoft PowerPoint.

 You can now create and save your very own
animated gif in Microsoft excel.

 You can now very easily convert data from a
PDF into an excel spreadsheet also there are a whole bunch of new data types
where you can easily import data related to any one of these categories now those
are just some of the most recent examples of new features in these different
products but keep in mind anytime something new comes out you get access to
that with a Microsoft 365 subscription


you might be thinking that’s great but really i just need a basic word
processor and my old version of office or even some of the free alternatives
out there. Well they do all that basically a word processor is a commodity
these days


for the payment for a subscription let’s take a look at word excel and PowerPoint
and look at how they’re starting to connect to different services so you get
value on an ongoing basis. Here’s an example of a service that has been
integrated into word on the home tab over on the editor and this will help you
improve your writing so if we click on that and 
get spelling suggestions, grammar suggestions and then it also helps  refine and improve our writing so if you’ve
ever used grammarly before this is Microsoft’s equivalent of it and you get
this included with your Microsoft 365 subscription.

 In Microsoft excel you get access to money in
excel and this helps connect your excel spreadsheet to your banking information
so this way you can stay on top of your finances directly in excel .


Microsoft PowerPoint on the home tab you get access to design ideas .You create
a slide, powerpoint will look at the content of your slide and will  identifiy all different design ideas for your
slide according to its topic.

 You can add animated backgrounds, different images
that match the text on the slide so this will help create a much more beautiful
looking presentation along with design ideas too.

By being
a subscriber you get access to a massive quantity of different fonts here as i
scroll through all of my fonts  also by being
a subscriber you get access to an ever expanding collection of templates on you can see

a preview
of all of the different templates that you get access to across all of the
different traditional office applications back within Microsoft PowerPoint but also
available in word and excel. You can get access to thousands and thousands of
royalty free images that YOU can use in all of your creations. Search for
different images and can have access to thousands of different icons cut out
people stickers and even get Stock videos as well that you can incorporate into
your content.



far we’ve been looking at the traditional office apps and the value you get
from them however there’s a lot more than just that you also get access to a
service called Microsoft one drive and this allows you to store files in the
cloud. Now in my opinion the storage alone is one of the most compelling parts
of a subscription with my one drive account you can set up your pc so it
automatically syncs with onedrive

you can backup all of your files once you put files in the cloud and  access these from anywhere also you can share
these files with others.

 If you want to work together with people so
here you can share a folder or could share an individual file and could work



 Along with all of that you also get something
called the” personal vault” and this
is a place where you can store very sensitive information like maybe your
passport photo or your social security card to be able to access. For this you
need two-factor authentication and then it’ll lock after a set amount of time
moving on.



 In Microsoft outlook on the web you can check
your email and there are no advertisements that appear alongside your messages.
This way you can just focus on your email .This now brings us to skype and this
was one of the most popular messaging apps back in the day before face time. Messenger
whatsapp and all these other communication apps came along and yes this is also
part of a




a lot of additional value beyond just the office apps and here’s yet another
example of an app called family safety this is a place where you can set screen

limits .you could set gaming limits all for your family.



If Microsoft
products alone aren’t compelling enough they also offer partner deals as well
that come with a Microsoft 365 subscription so here you can get a three month
membership with adobe or you can get
some credit towards one-on-one private lessons.


personally i don’t think these are that compelling however Microsoft promises that
more value is constantly coming to all of these different partner offers and
lastly with a subscription you also get live tech support so if you have any questions
or maybe you’re running into some issues you can talk with someone at Microsoft 
chat and you can get support.


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