Composite veneers – everything you should know about this cosmetic dentistry procedure

Modern dentistry has evolved to an impressive extent and it offers a range of procedures to enhance your smile making it broader, brighter, whiter and more attractive. Composite treatments are particularly common all over the world these days and the UK is no exception. In the following sections of this post let us explore how Composite veneers treatments can actually whiten your teeth. It is relevant mentioning that white teeth are often considered a symbol of young and youthfulness. The discussion across the following paragraphs of this post will certainly prove helpful for you to take informed decision when the time comes.

A brief idea about composite veneers

Modern composite veneers UKprove effective providing a beautiful appearance with improved aesthetics that looks natural. Moreover it can deliver the enhanced impact without destructing any of your natural structure of the tooth. The shade of this resin material is matched to the natural colour of your tooth that is to be veneered.

Composite veneer cost is applied to the tooth surface in layers. Once the material is applied, it has to be shaped and sculpted too and a dentist usually does this much needed shaping and sculpting within the mouth of a patient. However, the overall procedure is non invasive as well as non destructive. The procedure does not involve any irreversible damage to your natural tooth structure unlike some other procedures like dental crown.

Once the resin material is applied to the tooth surface it has to be hardened, which is done by a light source that delivers light beams with high density. Then a veneered tooth is polished to give it a natural look and this ensures the treated tooth does not standout from the rest of your natural teeth to draw a contrast. In order to achieve the desired aesthetic result additional layers of the composite material may be applied to the tooth and it can also be repeatedly sculpted as well.

How composite veneers can be suitable for you?

There can be different reasons to rely on this treatment as it can cater to various requirements in different circumstances. But mostly it is used to deal with a tooth that is badly chipped or damaged in some other way says a dentist who quotes reasonable cost for composite bonding in London. The veneer that is applied in layers actually works as filler, it fills up the gaps if any and also masks up other defects of a damaged tooth. Dentists also rely on this comparatively simple and uncomplicated procedure to correct issues like squint teeth or minor misalignment of the teeth. The procedureis a reliable means to achieve a straighter and fuller smile.

The technology behind composite veneers has improved significantly over the years along with the materials that are used in creating these appliances. As a result of these developments it proves to be a long-lasting solution. On an average the range of veneers easily lasts anywhere between 5 and 7 years after which you may require a replacement. With little care and maintenance toward your oral hygiene it is easy to extend this average lifespan to a considerable extent. Now let us explore few tried and tested tips in the section below about how to take proper care of composite veneered teeth to make the solution last longer – say 10 years at the least.

Taking proper care of your composite veneered teeth

You should take care of your composite veneered teeth just as you care for your natural teeth. This range of veneers is an easy solution to your enhanced smile and inner confidence but on your part it is important to give the solution the best possible care. As the basic requirement you must brush the teeth twice daily and floss once to help your composite veneered teeth look their best over the years recommends a dentist who quotes one of the most easily affordable composite bonding costs in London. The expert says flossing is usually the forgotten element in maintaining regular oral hygiene. It proves effective removing harmful food debris and plaque build-ups from between the teeth.

In order to take proper care of composite veneers it is also important to go for routine dental checkups and professional cleaning of the teeth at regular intervals.

  • Brush the teeth with a toothbrush that hassoft bristles

When you are on composite veneers you should always use toothbrushes that have soft bristles. Hard bristles are likely to cause damage to your composite veneers in course of time. Moreover hard bristles are also known to damage the gum line to some extent or the other which in turn may expose the base of your veneers. Toothbrushes with soft bristles are the best thing to brush your veneered teeth lifelong.

  • Avoid using baking soda to the teeth

Baking soda is a powerful agent to clean the natural teeth; in fact, it is a common ingredient found in a large number of commercially manufactured toothpastes. But when you are on composite veneers you must avoid using this item to clean the teeth as it can be abrasive for your veneers. In a way baking soda damages your veneers although this is more the case for porcelain veneers but there is also no point in taking chances with composite resin material.

  • Quit smoking for once and for all

Everybody is not a smoker and so this may not be applicable for you if you are not a habitual smoker but still it is important to mention this point. There are innumerable benefits in quitting smoking and one of that includes saving the appearance of both your teeth and the dental veneer. The teeth as well as the veneer catch up with a yellowish or light brown stain in smokers which looks unsightly and as such this defeats the purpose of enhanced appearance of your teeth completely.

  • It is important to brush the teeth after consuming certain foods and drinks

Composite veneers do not stain as easily as the natural teeth but sill you must be little conscious about certain foods and drinks. It is better for your veneered teeth if you do not overindulge in those foods and drinks. These include popular beverages like coffee, red wine and fizzy drinks. In addition to that you should also be careful about soy sauce, curries and such other food items.

  • It is a good idea to use veneer specific toothpastes

These days, a range of toothpastes is also available that is meant to remove build-ups and whiten minor stains from your composite veneers London in particular. These are widely available in the market as veneer specific toothpastes. At 1A Orthodontics in London dentists even recommend prescription-strength fluoride in order to maintain your veneers longer.

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