How to protect eyes from computer and smart phone screen?


protect eyes
The intense light emitted from computers or mobile phones puts added strain on the eyes.


Over the past few years, almost everyone has been forced to use a computer or smartphone in one way or another. Be it executives working in the office or a group of youngsters going out for fun, every segment of society has become connected to computers or smart phones.

Among them are the working professionals who do most of the office work on the computer, which affects their vision and prematurely wear glasses on their face.

The bright light from the computer or mobile phone screen not only causes extra pressure on the eyes, but also causes inflammation, pain and dryness, which need to be avoided in addition to some precautions.

It’s a set of issues we must address and protect eyes from through some simple yet crucial precautions.


Eye protection and screen brightness


Experts say there are a number of steps that can be taken to reduce the harmful effects on the eyes and protect eyes from using computers and other devices with screens, which are featured in Zeal:


Adjust the brightness of computer screens


According to the website called ‘Lasso’, to keep the brightness of the computer screen appropriate, download the FLUX program, which controls the brightness of the screen according to the surrounding environment, thereby reducing the additional pressure on the eyes. goes

This program is freely available on the internet and can be downloaded to any laptop. After installing the program, go to its settings and turn on the option to control screen brightness.

In the screen brightness settings, you can turn off the auto-brightness option for a limited period of time. This is required for video or photos.

Screen brightness of smart phones


There are several programs to reduce screen brightness on smart phones which after installing can control the screen brightness to a suitable level. Experts say that smartphones should only be used on night mode software which is available in the Android and iPhone stores.

protect eyes
Eye strain can also have negative effects on physical health

Pressure on the eyes


According to the results of scientific research, people who work on the computer for a long time are more likely to suffer eye damage.

Eye strain not only causes red eyes, but can also have negative effects on physical health, while also increasing mental confusion, leading to an increased rate of errors at work.

Prolonged computer use and eye protection


Control the brightness of your screen as staring at the computer affects vision. Give your eyes some rest for this and protect eyes. Doing this will give you a bit of trouble at first, but with time you will get used to it and thus you can use the computer for a long time while keeping your eyes safe.

Keep the color temperature of the screen low. It is a technical term used for color screens. It reduces the blue rays which affect the vision more than other colors such as yellow, orange and red.

Avoid using the screen in the dark. Experts say that never use a smartphone or computer in complete darkness.

In the dark, the light coming from the computer or smart phone screen directly affects the eyes because the darkness on the sides increases the brightness of the light, which causes a lot of stress on the eyes.

If it is necessary to use the computer in the dark, in this case, reduce the brightness of the screen and do not use it for a long time.

protect eyes
Experts say never use a smartphone or computer in complete darkness

If your screen is small, then it is important that you increase the font size so that it does not put too much strain on the eyes.

For those who work long hours at the computer screen, it is important to protect your eyesight and try to keep your eyes from drying out by blinking from time to time.

Experts say that the fluid produced in the eye dries up soon. For this it is important to blink the eyelids every once in a while because as soon as you blink, the moisture goes into the eyes, while after a long interval, the moisture in the eyes dries out.

Experts say that to protect eyes  a 20 minutes of exercise is beneficial for computer users, for whom repeat this exercise every 20 minutes.

Every 20 minutes, close your eyes and blink 10 times as if you are getting ready to sleep before going to sleep, this will give your eyes the required amount of moisture.

This exercise will also reduce the strain on the eyes due to staring at the computer screen for a long time.

Experts say that do not use the computer continuously for a long time without a break, but also take a proper break in between. Not only will this not cause additional stress on the eyes, but also the quality of work and the fear of health being affected in case of continuous work.


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